well well

according to an email I just read…

my tumblr is 5 years old today.

so 5yrs ago on October 1st, I personally entered the wonderful secret (not so secret now) world of knowing what’s ‘cool’ before everyone else in art, culture and fashion, tumblarity, blogging, reblogging, discovering rare photos of my fav rappers and celebrities, instant memes (when only tumblr knew what a meme was), >, a social network/blog site becoming my news source,(before twitter), long late nights, no sleep, insomnia.. and most of all, extreme procrastination.

Oh tumblr, you changed my life for good in many ways… for worse in some.

My life would’ve been much different without you.

5 years together ride or die
2014 bonnie and clyde, holla ❤✊